Additional Parking

Car Parking - Leicester
Please do not park outside the studios.  We are having a few issues with the Council and you may receive a ticket.  If you are using the studios between 1600 - 0000 (Monday to Friday) and 1200 - 0000 (Saturday and Sunday), we have up to 30 spaces available in the car park on Highcross St.

To find the car park, just head south down Highcross St. from the studios, and keep your eyes peeled to the right. For those who like such things, here is a Google Maps pin that might help.  And there's a cheeky PDF attached here too - don't say we don't give you anything.

If you or your band mates do park here, please make sure you register your details straight after parking. You can do so by following the link in your booking confirmation email.


Don’t forget to register and please avoid the temptation to park there out of hours or you will be liable to a £100 fine by the car park owner.