Please note:  all images are illustration purposes only.

You can make a booking or check availability by clicking 'Book Now' from the main website, or 'Book a room' from your account page.  Please chose your preferred Pirate location, the date, the start time of your desired session - and the duration you'd like to rehearse for:

Understanding the colour codes

White - hours are available

Grey - studio is booked and not available/is in a VIP or launch period

Orange - selected time span is available

Grey/Orange - selected time span is not available

In this example, we will look to book a Pre-Production Studio in Bristol:

As you can see, our desired hours (6am to 9am) are available.  You can click Book this Room immediately or click More Info to see the detail for the studio; such as equipment. The hours in grey are another booking.  The hours in white are available.

If the hours are ever shown asthis means part, or all of your desired booking, cannot be made.  Such as the example below:

When this occurs, you will see 'Selected timespan unavailable'. Please choose another time or different date.  We always advise you book well in advance to secure your spot.  You can always book a studio minutes before the session is due to start.