Digital verification is required for all customers who use our DJ and Production rooms. You only ever need to do it once.

Important: The better the quality of your documents and selfie, the quicker the process.  We advise using a mobile to achieve the best picture quality for photos.

Step 1

Once you have set up or logged into your account, go to 'My bookings' and click 'Verify'.  You will then see the notice below:

Step 2

Choose your document for checking.

Important: Please ensure the document is still in date or this will delay the process.

Step 3

Place the document in front of the camera, so it fills the box.  Our verification system will automatically detect it for you.  If having problems, you can always upload a capture/file.

Important: We always recommend using phone cameras rather than webcams on laptops, as they give much clearly quality.

Step 4

Please take a selfie and as with passport rules, please ensure the quality is the best you can capture.  Please also note no sunglasses, head gear or other people are allowed in the selfie.  Keep facial expressions blank so our system can work as quickly as possible.

Important: We do not accept uploaded pictures from Facebook, Snapchat or anywhere else.  Please take a selfie from the time of verification or the application will be refused.

When documents and selfies are submitted clearly and in the best light/quality, you can be authorised in a matter of minutes.  Once verified, you will be able to receive your codes for your booking.

If you have any queries at any time, give us shout!  We're always here to help.