(Please note that during the beta testing, we are unable to provide support via telephone or live chat)

The pirate.live page isn’t loading

I am unable log into the ‘Go-Live’ page

  • Ensure you are logged into the same account and check your booking confirmation email.
  • Double check your booking includes the time you are in the room, as the ability stream will end at the conclusion of your booking.

I am unable to log into Facebook

  • Please contact Facebook directly

I can’t find my stream

  • It may take a few minutes for the stream to appear, so please ensure you are at the destination where you shared it, eg. Facebook timeline, and keep refreshing the page.

My stream preview isn’t showing

  • Be patient as this can take a minute or so, however the wait has been over 5 minutes, we are likely to be experiencing technical issues within Pirate

How do I know my stream has ended

  • Go to the stream destination on Facebook and it should now look as though it is a video, rather than the live stream
  • Your stream will also be automatically ended at the end of your booking

I forgot to log out of the stream, does that matter?

  • You will be automatically logged out and your stream will stop at the end of your booking

I don’t have a laptop, can I still go live?

  • Unfortunately not, as currently we only have the functionality to go live using laptops.  However we are working the platform for mobiles and tablets!