How to book and use - step by step

  1. Book a session at a room where live streaming is available
  2. Once in the studios and you are ready to ‘Go-Live’, go to
  3. Log into your Pirate Studios account
  4. Click on “Choose where you want to stream”
  5. Log into Facebook via the pop up window (only if you aren’t already logged in)
  6. Select the destination you would like to share the stream, eg, your profile and click next
  7. Click on “Preview Stream & Go Live”
  8. Preview the stream via the pop up window (can take up to a minute, so please be patient)
  9. Click on “Go Live”
  10. Your stream is now live. Within a few seconds, you’ll see the live stream on your chosen destination
  11. Open a new tab on your browser & open Facebook
  12. Locate your stream at destination you posted it on Facebook (can take a minute, so please be patient)

Ending the Stream

  1. Locate your stream and click on the ‘…’ in the top right
  2. Click on ‘Edit Video’ from the dropdown menu
  3. Another screen with the stream opens, to end it, click on ‘End Live Video’
  4. Send us some feedback, so we can keep improving the service for the future

Please note:

  • Live streaming only works on a laptop, however we are working on a mobile and tablet solution, watch this space!